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Hogwarts is My Home

A Harry Potter RPG Community

Hogwarts is my home
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Welcome to Hogwarts is My Home, a Harry Potter RPG community.

Set in Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, this RPG focuses on the lighter events that took place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during this time. Though many RPG’s focus on darker events taking place at school such as Death Eater attacks and the various plots of Voldemort, this RPG will stir clear from that. (For the most part.) Attacks are probably far and few between, as Hogwarts is a sort of safe house.

Events such as Hogsmeade visits, the House Cup, and Quidditch matches WILL take place and in fact will be the main foci of our game. Classes will also come into the play throughout the year. Not to mention a Halloween ball! And if all goes as planned another Yule Ball during the Christmas Holidays.


Staying in Character
Really one of the most important rules is that for you to remain in character at all times during the game. So, for this reason we ask that you have read all five books. As our our game is set during the fifth book, we do ask that you have finished reading all five to ensure you have a full understanding for your character and the world around them. But I highly doubt this is going to be a problem.

Grammar and Spelling
Please try your best to use correct grammar and spelling, but this is sort of a given, as it is so annoying when people use abbreviations for every other word. Yes, it works fine for instant messaging, but not for Live Journal. I suck at spelling. Yes, I do. But just try your best. No one is perfect, and I understand that. But typing really isn't that hard. And don't forget to use your punctuation and capitalize your proper nouns.

Slash is perfectly acceptable. I know I just told you how important being canon is and everything, but if you read between the lines, it very well can be. And on top of that, slash rocks my socks off. However, incest will not be permitted, that's gross. But twincest is okay with me, because the Weasley Twins are hot. Snape/student pairings are also permitted, Snape is sexy.

Character Journals
Each character is required to have his or own journal. This journal is to be exclusively for this RPG, please don't use your personal journal, that's just plain confusing. It is also expected that you have an icon of your character. I would prefer if you would use pictures from the movies as your icon, or really anything that resembles the actors from the movies (Fan Art is fine as long as you have permission to use it.) Also, it is expected that you have an email for you character as well as an AOL screen name.

Your character journal is to be written in as if it were a personal journal. No one can 'read' what is written there. Unless for some odd reason you want some person to stumble upon it, denote so in the subject line or entry. Do not write in it as if it were a Live Journal, but a real journal... you know... like in a book, remember those?

Journaling in the Community
Journaling in the community will be reserved for out of character comments/questions, plot ideas, and reminders from the moderator.

Role-playing will take place in AOL instant messaging chats and through leaving comments in character journals. Role-playing will be done in third person. After RPing in an AOL chat, please do NOT post the conversation in your character journal. Please write about it in your journal as if you were writing about an event that really happened.

Sending Owls
If you wish to send someone an owl, make a cut-tag and in the subject write who the owl is addressed to. Again, no one can 'read' this except you and the person who it is meant for. Unless, again, you want someone to intercept it, please denote so.


At Hogwarts
Harry Potter- balletpotter
Ron Weasley-
Hermione Granger- hermohninny
Draco Malfoy- _unlikeyou
Ginny Weasley- ginxweasley
Oliver Wood- alloverwood
Cho Chang-
Luna Lovegood-
Professor Snape- professorsnape_
Professor McGonnagall-
Professor Dumbledore-

Outside Hogwarts
Fred and George Weasley-
Percy Weasley-
Lucius Malfoy-
Remus Lupin-


Please e-mail (misticblu23@aol.com), IM (Estanesse23) or drop a community (numberthree in Lly's journal with the character you would like to join, why, and a sample entry.

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